Externship Training Program

I have trained students in doctoral programs for over 10 years.  The main focus of the externship program is on neuropsychological testing.  Externs start the year by observing evaluations, while at the same time performing practice administrations of those tests they have not yet been exposed to.  Soon enough, externs are administering tests to clients while being observed, so as to ensure the proper standardized administration and scoring.  Once externs are reliable in terms of their administration and scoring, they are assigned cases for which they conduct the evaluations more independently.  There are also ample opportunities to observe and conduct parent intakes and feedback sessions.  Externs will go to schools in order to perform classroom observations as part of many neuropsychological evaluations.

In addition to testing, externs may also be involved in writing remediation cases with children and teens with learning disabilities or ADHD.  There are also opportunities to assist students with organizational skills and other executive functioning skills.  Finally, externs may be involved in implementing the Cogmed Working Memory Training Program.

Aside from the aforementioned clinical responsibilities, externs will be exposed to a wide range of educational opportunities, including a seminar series about the neuropsychological domains and how to interpret and write about related test results, tours at a wide range of mainstream and special education schools, and detailed case discussions.  Supervision is provided individually and in a group format.  Generally, there is an open-door policy where ample supervision is provided to meet each externs’ needs as they progress through the process of observing, being observed, and conducting evaluations more independently.

The externship runs from September through the end of July.  Two days a week are required, Friday being a mandatory day.  Hours are generally 9 to 5.

In order to apply for the externship, please use the APA externship portal at http://psychpracticum.apa.org/

This externship abides by the NYNJADOT-PSYDNYS Externship Guidelines